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30 Day Contracts

We at Network Alliance understand that decisions like who you choose as an IT provider have lasting consequences. How many times has a consultant tried to lock you into a year -long commitment? Worse, have you ever fallen for a slick sales pitch, only to realize a few months in that the service isn't quite what you wanted? It seems that no matter what, companies are forced to take a risk on the service provider, who will get paid for little to no risk to themselves. You or your organization is then forced to take the most significant risks in the deal to improve your service.

But we asked ourselves, what if you didn't have to? 

That's why we offer 1 Month Contracts to clients. Now, you have the power to determine if services are up to your standards and to immediately take action if they're not met. No more going into an IT agreement with no options once you sign the contract. One month contracts give you the freedom to leave at any time, on your own accord, no questions asked. They also keep us accountable, ensuring we continually provide outstanding service.

At best, we see providers offer 12 month contracts, though it’s far more likely to see 36 month contracts. Why would Network Alliance have such an unusual contract offering, when the overwhelming majority of IT companies try to lock clients into long-term commitments? Because we stand by our service. It’s award-winning, and it keeps our clients happy.

Finally, we’re so sure of the service we provide because clients keep coming back to us. As of today, 98% of clients have stayed with us after trying out our service, each client signing 30 day contracts.



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