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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s a reason so many IT companies try to lock you into a contract so quickly. Once you’re in, you’re usually committed for at least a year. What happens when you’re a month or two in and you realize the service isn’t what you expected? Unfortunately, the answer is usually either “nothing” or being stuck with significant early termination. All of this takes risk away from the IT provider and passes it onto the client.

At Network Alliance, we believe that great service is the key mitigating that risk, not a locked-in contract with no guarantee. That’s why Network Alliance offers a 90 day money back guarantee for new clients to prove our value. If the service we provide isn’t to your satisfaction, we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Obviously such an offer is unheard of in the IT world. What makes us so sure that you’ll stick with us that we’re willing to offer such a guarantee?

For one, we work with potential clients to be sure that we’re the proper fit for them. We can deliver dramatic results for companies facing IT challenges that are adversely affecting their business. That being said, we’ve historically seen that we can only directly help about half the organizations we meet with. If we find we’re not a fit, we gladly connect those potential clients with other solutions that can be of help to them.

Secondly, we stand behind our service. By far the most important part of our service is our award-winning IT-support team, each member of which is carefully interviewed and selected to ensure that our mission to provide excellent support and service is upheld. For example, we actively look for team members that are naturally friendly and have a genuine need and desire to be helpful.

Lastly, our top-of-the-line infrastructure provides a strong, secure environment with Fortune 500-level security that protects all of your data. Our systems are constantly upgraded and updated to surpass the latest standards.

Both of these factors have led to us retaining 98% of our clients since 1997. Network Alliance end users have been satisfied over 96% of the time they’ve required service. Because of this, we strongly believe that you’ll stick with us.



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