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Cyber Security and Your Employees

You can spend unlimited dollars on cyber security. Buy top-of-the-line firewalls, and set your security software to scan your network and every machine in the office on the hour. Your IT guys will love you, but the thing is—you’re still vulnerable. Until you train your employees, cyber security hardware and software mean nothing. Spend all you want, but it’s money down the drain without ensuring that your employees get the training and resources they need to keep up with today’s security concerns.

Today’s security software gives users the benefit of the doubt, and that’s a problem. It assumes that you know the person who sent the link in the email you just received. It assumes you’re giving your bank account info to a trusted source. And before you start complaining about security software not doing enough to protect you, think about how annoying those pop-up warnings are with the Windows UAC on their default settings. You can’t even open the control panel without Windows asking if you’re sure you want to open the software.

An important part of your business’s IT security plan is providing time for hands-on training from your IT team to your employees. Non-IT employees shouldn’t know as much as a security expert, but they should be able to identify obvious phishing attempts and how to run security updates, when needed. There are some excellent basic teaching materials out there that cover the basics of Windows-based security and how to protect yourself and your information on the internet, but each company operates differently. It’s  beneficial and vital to schedule regular training sessions.

Nearly every white-collar employee in the United States works with computers these days. Some embrace the technology and know about the pitfalls and security concerns. Some use the technology only when absolutely necessary and might not be up to date on recent security issues. A presentation and/or training day with all employees adds the extra layer of protection that hardware and software simply can’t provide.

Ask your IT team about a training day. Chances are good they already know what they want to share and can put together a personalized cyber security presentation that addresses specifics in your organization. Be vigilant! 



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