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The Datacenter – Part 6: Network Connections

Your data is mission critical. Without it, you can’t work, and if can’t work, your business loses money. So, why take chances and leave your data at the mercy of a single internet service provider with one IT guy to unlock the closet door down the hall if something goes wrong? You could have full connection redundancy, 99.995% uptime, and armed guards protecting your data at Network Alliance’s Tier 4 datacenter. Today, we’re going to dive in to the connection side of things!

You already know that a Tier 4 datacenter can’t be taken offline by a power outage. Ninety-six hours of off-the-grid uptime is the minimum requirement for a Tier 4 ranking. But, how often does your office Internet Service Provider (ISP) hiccup? Probably more often than your power. ISPs are always improving connection stability, but networks go down for hundreds of reasons, and you’re at the mercy of the weakest point of your internal network. Even if your server is stored in the office closet and your desk is right by the closet door, you can’t get to your data if a router or switch goes down.

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Many of our clients are in offices in large buildings. A building’s scheduled ISP maintenance times don’t necessarily align to your office schedule (maybe you’re an accountant who works really late during tax season). Unexpected outages also occur. When outages of any kind happen, our clients can still access their data stored at our Tier 4 datacenter. Some clients have wi-fi hotspots through their cell phones. Others simply use an office internet outage as an excuse to work from home, accessing all of their work files from the comfort of their couch!

Our Tier 4 datacenter connects to multiple ISPs to ensure that even catastrophic failures don’t result in connection loss. If AT&T’s entire network goes down, our datacenter simply switches over to a Verizon line—no downtime. If, somehow, a Verizon line is cut coming in to the datacenter, multiple back-up lines ensure no connection loss. The switchover happens automatically, so datacenter clients won’t notice a change while the affected line is being fixed! Nothing stops our datacenter’s connection to you!

In technology, redundancy is everything. It’s where most of your dollars go, and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. With a Tier 4 rating, full redundancy is required—from cabling to power to servers to connections. When you subscribe to a Tier 4 datacenter, you know that nothing, not even an earthquake, can take down your data. The datacenter that hosts Network Alliance servers also hosts companies like Sony, Verizon, and other big-name companies. Come store your data where Fortune 500 companies store theirs. Call Network Alliance today!



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