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Why Link Protection Matters

Spam happens. Our Gmail accounts send obvious spam to the Junk folder automatically, where it’s eventually deleted. Outlook offers a junk filter, where you mark messages with one click. These filters keep our mailboxes clutter-free and remove the chance of accidentally opening the illegal prescription drug email during a presentation. But, in case you haven’t been reading our weekly articles, spammers are getting smarter. Attackers are starting to target even small businesses. So what can you do? Think third-party link protection.

Companies like Mimecast have done a great job configuring algorithms that stop junk mail. The real problems start when emails with malicious links sneak past the algorithms. Rather than send out 1,000,000 totally fake emails, today’s hackers focus on quality over quantity to get past your mail filter. Targeted emailing(spear-phishing) is dangerously common in today’s workplace.

Attackers use social media to gain enough information to look legitimate. They pose as the company’s CFO asking for a transfer of money. Maybe they pretend to be a marketing firm with an exciting offer. The wisest attackers use the right keywords and formatting to get past even the strongest mail filter. What can companies like Mimecast do? Rather than slow your work day down blocking emails that you need, they offer link protection. This way, every email from your boss to ESPN has its hyperlinks scanned once you click on them. Your browser window opens normally if no threat is detected. You’re immediately alerted to bad links, saving you and your business immeasurable time, stress, and money.

The best part of Mimecast’s link protection? It’s available through Network Alliance! We offer Mimecast link protection along with mail filtering to ensure that your business is safe from targeted threats 24/7. Businesses have lost an estimated $2.3 billion to targeted email threats in the last three years. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Talk to Network Alliance about a hosted desktop platform with link protection today!



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