Drones in the Office

Sep 18, 2017

Imagine a job description that reads, “Fetch coffee. Grab papers from printer and scanner. Deliver mail. No pay. No benefits.” Not even the most desperate intern would apply. But we know someone, well, something that would…a drone!

This may seem like a Jetsons episode, but it could be closer than we think. Drones have become so popular in recent years that the FAA requires you to register any flying devices you own. Autonomous technology is still in its infancy, but engineers have already conquered some of the big challenges of autonomous driving. Ceiling heights should be a breeze compared to our nation’s interstate system.

Certainly, there are complications. How does a drone navigate a multi-floor office? Use the elevator? Stairs? What about your 6’5” colleague who’s always standing and stretching? Dip and weave?

But imagine the possibilities of flying robots! No more getting up for a cup of coffee. No more walking to the scanner. If you remove all the mundane tasks that require people to walk away from their desk and replace that time with continual productive work, your small investment in drones can yield huge returns.

So, are we driving people even deeper into laziness or a sedentary lifestyle (remember, sitting is the new smoking)? That’s up to the users; technology itself is amoral. Fully autonomous drones are coming, so get ready for it. The challenge and potential of technology—never dull!


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