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Can an IT provider guarantee client satisfaction?

It feels like we’re living in a world where it can be tough to find common ground between client and provider. Chances are, though, a terrible past client service experience or two (or twelve) have ruined expectations for clients seeking service.

So what makes us so certain about Network Alliance’s client service guarantee?

At Network Alliance, we make it a priority to meet our clients’ expectations for IT. Initially, these expectations are generally very low so we take pride in providing service that greatly exceeds expectations. It’s engrained in our culture. Every Network Alliance employee, from Tier 1 IT techs to executive staff, spends his/her first week of training, primarily in providing client service.

On our website homepage, you can see real-time statistics for client satisfaction. Not business-to-business satisfaction—individual user satisfaction. Every time tech support team members help sort out a tech challenge, they are graded and reviewed via a quick user survey. So this real-time scoring (currently at 98%) measures the past and current performance of our IT team. The surveys are also sent to the managers of our IT support team, and they follow up on any negative ratings with the client and the team member.

Next to our client satisfaction percentages, you’ll also see a list of recent reviews—“recent” translates to “as soon as someone submits it.” Sure, every company posts positive reviews on their websites. We do that, too—“Corey/Joe/Chris is awesome/terrific/great!” It’s the negative ones that usually never see the light of day. Not at Network Alliance. We also include the feedback that comes for times we didn’t adequately provide service. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example:

4.15.2014 This fax machine issue has taken weeks to address and still is not resolved. It is very frustrating to conduct business without the necessary tools to do so. I am typically very complimentary of the services you provide, but in this area, I am dissatisfied.

Our tech support team is very motivated to get five stars on every call and avoid negative reviews. Knowing that the comments are posted on our website and available to all current and future clients is a real kick in the pants.

Providing strong and effective service is a top priority for us, and we’re not stopping at a 98% satisfaction rate. After all, 100% is only two points away.



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