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Why is an IT Provider’s Mission or “Keys to Live By" Important?

A mission statement and “keys to live by” defines the purpose of an organization. Understanding the IT Provider’s purpose for being in business is important in determining the kind of experience and relationship the client will have with the provider.

At Network Alliance our mission is to “Make Information Technology Simple.” We use this mission statement as our North Star, to give us general sense of direction and purpose. It offers us a broad sense of direction, but it doesn’t tell us very clearly what it’s going to look like when we get to where we’re going. That’s where vision comes in. The Network Alliance Team strives to have everyone we interact with be better off than before and love technology. We do what we do to help people and small organizations benefit and enjoy technology as much as we do, which is one of the most important drivers for our success and our clients’ success. We strongly believe that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

At Network Alliance, our promise to provide a reliable and strong technology infrastructure to our clients is informed by our desire to provide great service. In fact, our company “Keys to Live By” are undergirded by our commitment to service.

The Network Alliance Keys:

  1. Great Technology: Our infrastructure is of top-tier, Fortune 500-level quality, giving our clients an incredibly powerful computing environment available on most Internet-enabled devices.
  2. Great Finance: By maintaining a financial base, we can focus on maintaining solid relationships with our clients, rather than chasing every available revenue channel.
  3. Great Place to Work: Understanding that a company is nothing without its people, we strive to create a working environment conducive to productivity and high morale, allowing us to serve employees and, by extension, clients better. And, our fourth Key:
  4. Great Service: More than anything, Network Alliance seeks to provide its clients with service that goes above and beyond expectations.


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