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June 3, 2015

By now, most people have heard that a number of celebrities have had their, ahem, personal pictures stolen and posted online in what’s turning out to be one of the largest breaches of its kind. Only a few weeks after that first breach, this past weekend saw yet another barrage of photos released. 1) Hackers managed to get into iCloudIn Apple’s defense, iCloud systems are pretty secure, but hackers still managed to steal personal information. The “how” is up in the air right now. Here are some possibilities:

  • Social engineering techniques. These are the most likely culprits since they don’t require technical savvy. Hackers likely used “phishing” (masquerading as a benevolent source to gain access to s...
June 3, 2015

Check in soon to see some closing thoughts from Network Alliance, and stay tuned, because some on our team will be reviewing some of the new product releases. Thanks for following along with us!

3:00PM: Closing remarks and that's all folks!

2:54PM: U2 put their newest album up on iTunes for free. Uh oh, those servers are gonna go down. (I'll be trying to get it, of course).

2:53PM: I guess this is turning into a U2 album release announcement?

2:50PM: These guys can still put on a heck of a concert.

2:45PM: Huh, I guess U2 is performing to close out the event.

2:42PM: The release is early 2015, missing the holiday shopping season.

2:41PM: Here's the kicker. Apple Wa...

June 3, 2015

The last blog post offered three reasons to consider a telecommuting program, but if you’re ready for the next step, answer these three questions  before rolling it out.

1. Why Are You Doing This?

Think about what’s driving this decision. Saving money on office space? Offering it as a recruiting/retention strategy? Adding as a benefit? Helping the environment? All the cool kids are doing it?  Is it an experiment or a permanent option (or as permanent as anything in business can be)?

Also think about any downsides.  Leaders may fear that t...

June 3, 2015

Originally, organizations assumed telecommuting would limit worker productivity, but, in the face of rising real estate and utility costs, some companies began experimenting with various policies. Telecommuting has become more common in the last ten years or so, with many companies allowing employees to work from home one or more days per week. Since then, companies have seen a number of promising results, both for them and their employees.

1. Telecommuting can help save on office space rentals

Outside labor costs, office rental typically makes up the largest fixed cost an organization accrues. In fact, this was the main reason for allowing telecommuting in the first place. O...

June 3, 2015

The following is an excerpt from an interview Network Alliance, Inc. CEO Don Britton gave for the May 2nd, 2014 edition of the Washington Business Journal. The interview was conducted by Chloe Johnson. To read the entire article, please visit (subscription to Washington Business Journal required). This article will be made publically available in two weeks.


Is Windows XP still widely used among small businesses? There’s still a ton of companies that use it. I think about 27 pe...

June 3, 2015

Four years after initial rumors and announcements, Microsoft has finally brought the power of Office to the iPad. Here’s the catch: the apps are free and allow users to view documents, but a valid 365 license is required to create or edit documents. Office 365 does have some positives that make it worth a look, but they need to be taken with the cons.

When is Office 365 a good solution? If the user has multiple devices, a single Office 365 license can work for up to five of his or her devices, which, with the release of Office on iPad, is pretty attractive. Next, with Office 365, you’ll always have access to the latest version without needing to purchase new disks or downloads, keeping you always up-to-dat...

June 3, 2015

Oh, passwords, what would we do without you? Whether  a four-digit PIN that locks our phone or a string of 10 random characters, you protect our important data and keep unwanted guests out of our devices.  It’s just that you aren’t that great at it.

Simple passwords like “123456” or “password” (yes, people still use those) can be guessed in minutes. Hackers and other malicious users “phish” for passwords by posing as a benevolent source (like an IT professional), hoping to convince you to give up  your credentials. Or they load...

June 3, 2015

Network Alliance is proud to announce that on February 7th, 2014, we received our 10,000th support survey.  At the close of each case, each client has the opportunity to respond to a survey and provide feedback on their support service. At 9:58 AM, we received the survey after a case between Jennifer of MillerMusmar CPA and our team member Luke Bailey was resolved and closed. 

Don Britton, CEO, will be visiting Jennifer to thank her for her contribution. We know how busy this time of year is for CPA firms, and we would like to publically thank her for her willingness to complete the survey and provide us with information helping us in our efforts to continue to  ma...

June 3, 2015

By now, you’ve probably heard, at least in passing, of last Tuesday’s federal court ruling that voided some aspects of the FCC’s Open Internet Order. Already, doomsayers are predicting, uh, doom.

First of all, what exactly is “Net neutrality?”

Simply put, Net neutrality is a policy set by a government that requires Internet Service Providers to give customers equal access to all content available via the internet. A Net neutrality policy usually prohibits ISPs from discriminating which content a customer can view or at what speeds they can view it. If a customer buys the ability to connect to the internet at a speed of, say, 25 megabits per second, he or she can reasonably as...

June 3, 2015

It's amazing what can spawn because a personal need is met.

Network Alliance CEO, Don Britton, wearing a Courteesy tie.

Josh Siapno spent the time before his high school prom scouring retail stores for the perfect bow tie to complement his prom regalia. The peak of the high school requires the peak of fashion, after all. The fabric, the design, the ability to match with all manner of shirt and jacket, true uniqueness. Finding the “perfect” tie was proving...



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