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June 21, 2016

At this point, we’ve all heard “Office 365” in some context. Maybe a friend uses it for work, maybe it popped up in a Google search. Now that Network Alliance offers Office 365 to clients, we thought we should dig in, provide some details and outline some of the differences between Office 2016 and Office 365.

Office 2016 is the collection of software you’ve come to know and love. Outlook, Excel, Word and other apps under the Office 2016 umbrella. We...

June 14, 2016

Network Alliance celebrates its 10-year partnership with Cordia Partners, the Greater Washington area’s leading outsourced accounting and consulting firm. Over the past decade Network Alliance has provided Cordia Partners a trusted hosted IT infrastructure management solution known for its reliability, flexibility, security and excellent customer support that has been integral to the company’s continued growth and success.

At the core of the successful partnership is a commitment to exper...

June 14, 2016

Think about it. Desktop computers have been replaced by laptops, then tablets, so why not a phone? You’d be surprised how powerful today’s handheld devices are. An iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7 can certainly handle basic computing tasks. Of course, there are problems—screen size and the small on-screen keyboard—but we’re here to tell you how to have a fully functional PC in your pocket.

Let’s be clear, your phone isn’t going to replace a full system completely. But, with a few dollars invested,...

June 7, 2016

Even with advances in video-conferencing technology, many of us still travel for work, devices in tow. As an IT services provider, we’re always concerned about your data security, so here are tips to keep your information secure on the road or in the sky.

Whether you’re a road warrior or occasional traveler, there’s a 99.99% chance that your phone will accompany you. We’ve covered phone security before, but it’s...

May 31, 2016

In our continuing security tips series (see Part 1 here), we’re focusing on passwords. Finding the balance between something that’s easy to remember and difficult to decipher is a serious challenge, but we’re here to help!

Let’s begin with the most obvious tip—don’t ever share your passwords. There’s no reason. Even in situations...

May 24, 2016

Today we begin a series on overall IT security. Some tips are reminders, but we’re covering a range of areas, so you’re sure to learn something new during this three-part series! We’re not starting with any specific piece of equipment. Instead, let’s start on a broad scale.

Let’s be honest, computers are nothing but zeros and ones. Most people attempting to access your vital information are relying on the end user (you) to make a mistake. Without human error, hackers have a harder time pe...

May 17, 2016

Do you still use pen and paper to make lists? It’s 2016, and we believe it’s time to embrace the technology available! The office, grocery store, anywhere you go, your phone is probably nearby. So why not use it for your notes? We’ve been testing three of the best for a few weeks now, and we’ve compiled our notes to save you time!


Simplenote is, as the name sugge...

May 13, 2016

We’re bringing back our Spotlight feature to focus on Network Alliance’s newest team member, Andy Welsh! Andy joined our team in January 2016, and it quickly becoming popular both inside the office and with our clients. He is an all-around nice guy, who is handling support calls and our hardware department. Andy seems to fit right in with our company culture, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to our team in the future! We put him through the ringer with our usual spotlight questions, and you can read his interview a...

May 3, 2016

The Windows Store, a new feature in Windows 10,works on all machines running the latest Microsoft operating system, but it especially shines on Windows tablets, phones, and touch-screen devices. Let’s explore the multi-colored, tiled world of the Windows Store.

Where is it?

The Store is installed on every copy of Windows 10. On a fresh install, it’s located on the taskbar with all application shortcuts. However...

April 26, 2016

Has it already been three years? Looks like it’s time for Microsoft to release the latest edition of its “productivity tools.” The 2016 version has a few new features worth mentioning, and it’s certainly an improvement over 2013. But is it worth the $230 (Home) or $400 (Professional) price tag? Only you can decide.

Let’s be clear: If you’re happy with Office 2010 or 2013, you don’t have to upgr...



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