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How is the Cloud Used for Business?

While relevant to consumers, entertainment options, like thouse mentioned in the "What is the Cloud" article, aren’t usually a primary business focus. More pertinent for organizations is a cloud services firm that can provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

In this situation, the provider purchases equipment and software needed in a computing environment and sets it up so that, from the customer’s side, it looks like a regular desktop. And, really, it is. A server (likely in a data center) creates a virtualized desktop identical to what you’d find on a local computer. There are also economies of scale since a single server can theoretically provide as many desktops as an organization wants.

One major benefit of IaaS is that a business can avoid the exorbitant costs associated with technology infrastructure—servers, software, and technology support. Users like the ability to access their desktop anytime and anywhere, using multiple devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet).

Finally, the quality of the infrastructure tends to be far beyond what non-technology-oriented organizations can afford, maintain, and support, allowing for greater security, better backups, and more seamless computing experiences, all in a system that is indistinguishable from those the organizations typically use.



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