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What is Network Security?

When people think of “computer security,” they generally think of network security. In the simplest terms, network security is anything that protects data as it moves to and from a computer system. A secure network usually includes firewalls, anti-malware software, and password protection. Most consumer-level computers have some sort of protection against external threats, and these actually do a pretty good job if updated regularly.

While basic anti-virus software and a firewall that typically come packaged with a basic PC along with cautious computing habits are typically sufficient for a consumer on a home network, businesses have a host of other problems. Because corporate servers may have personal information for possibly millions of users, these machines tend to be bigger targets for hackers.

This forces businesses to stick to much tighter security measures. The anti-virus software will be a bit stronger (or more stringently maintained by the manufacturer), the firewall filters more traffic, and users are required to change passwords frequently. A strong firewall, anti-malware protection, and other facets of network security combine to prevent loss of information.



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