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What Should I Ask When Choosing an IT Provider?

Because IT is such an in-depth field, it's difficult for those without technical expertise to make informed decisions easily. For whatever reason, people tend to think that even without expertise in technology, they can know enough to create an adequate technology environment for their workplace. Perhaps because most people use technology for a sizable chunk of their days, they believe that this translates to expertise.

Whatever the case, hiring an IT expert to design and implement a proper IT environment is necessary for a seemless user experience and strong security. Thankfully, as security breaches and poor user experiences continue to affect a wider range of users, people are beginning to realize how broad their knowledge base must be. In fact, many come to us at Network Alliance not knowing what options they even need!

Unfortunately, like other industries (think car mechanics or contractors), because the sheer amount of knowledge one must have in order to properly judge a system is so great, it's difficult to know if someone purchasing services is being overcharged by an IT contractor. 

For future reference, here is a questionnaire to use when researching and comparing apples-to-apples potential IT Vendors and Options. While certainly not an exhaustive list, this is a good starting point in the search for a new IT provider. 

Questions to Ask When Comparing Different IT Vendors and Options



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