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Satisfied clients are our best recommendation. The Latest Reviews tool provides a behind-the-scenes, unvarnished look at what we’re hearing from our clients. Because we are committed to continuous improvement, you’re seeing the good and, occasionally, the bad and ugly comments that we get each and every day from Network Alliance clients. Our comments don’t just come from the liaisons at the companies; we hear from all Network Alliance users, from CEOs to front-line staffers. If you’re wondering if Network Alliance is right for you, check back here for several days in a row and you’ll get the clearest picture of how we’re making IT simple, one user at a time.

*Please note, since this is a live feed, the opinions and views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Network Alliance (although we tend to agree with the nice things people have to say).

From Our Daily Client Satisfaction Report


My question is the same one I have posed multiple times. Corey answered the phone. He is always courteous and professional. My problem is not with the support staff but WHY do these things happen regularly. I log in every day but 1 out of 20 days it doesn't work and I have to waste time calling your team for support. WHY does this inexplicably happen regularly? Such a waste of time!


Problem was solved in about 1 second. Appreciate the quick solution.


Not fun discovering issue first thing Monday morning. With timely assistance I am now up and running with full access again.


Thanks Cory helpful as always. Georgina


Tim is always very helpful!


Quick weekend response. Thanks, Corey!


Byron was great. We discussed my needs and within a few hours, I had my new login setup.


Thanks Austin. A simple tip that my archiving was not set up to archive all folders, just the inbox. Made an incredible difference in performance!


You guys are always so responsive! Truly appreciate your support team!


responsive as always, thanks.



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