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Satisfied clients are our best recommendation. The Latest Reviews tool provides a behind-the-scenes, unvarnished look at what we’re hearing from our clients. Because we are committed to continuous improvement, you’re seeing the good and, occasionally, the bad and ugly comments that we get each and every day from Network Alliance clients. Our comments don’t just come from the liaisons at the companies; we hear from all Network Alliance users, from CEOs to front-line staffers. If you’re wondering if Network Alliance is right for you, check back here for several days in a row and you’ll get the clearest picture of how we’re making IT simple, one user at a time.

*Please note, since this is a live feed, the opinions and views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Network Alliance (although we tend to agree with the nice things people have to say).

From Our Daily Client Satisfaction Report


Thank you very much for the after-hours repair!


Austin is always pleasant and cheerful!


Thanks, Austin. You saved my day!


As always, NAI is there in a pinch with thoughtful solutions to the complexities of IT.


Chris was helpful, quick and kind...thanks!


Tim did an outstanding job!! Thanks for the top quality support.


So appreciate Corey's stick-to-it-ness with this thorny & weird issue. Hopeful that the hunt for this problem (comcast blocking our / mimecast email) might have some benefit for other clients too. THANK YOU!!!


This was such a random, out of the blue, not our fault thing... that comcast just decided to block me all of the sudden. I know it wasn't an easy fix but I really, really appreciated Corey's tenacity in getting the clog cleared. I'm back in business and I spent nearly no time worrying about this, because I knew I was in good hands. Excellent bird-dogging to the end! thanks!!


Corey had me working within a few minutes. Thanks!!!!


in one word fantastic - i am not technical and being able to leave it in your hands and feel secure is always great!

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