A Pop-Up So Real, Even We Can’t Tell the Difference

Oct 12, 2017
There’s a new iPhone scam showing up all over the world. Scammers are after your Apple ID. Any time iPhones are targeted, millions of people are going to have their data breached. This is nothing new, do you know what scammers would give for your Apple ID password? Talk about a goldmine. This time, though, the threat looks so real, someone you know is probably going to fall for it.
Your Apple ID gives you access to everything on all of your Apple devices.
The ad is meant to look like Apple’s sign in screen. “Sign In to iTunes Store,” it says. They’re hoping you’ll be triggered to automatically type in your password, after years of seeing the exact same legitimate pop-up from Apple. In back-to-back comparisons, there is almost no difference between the real (left) and fake (right) pop-ups. No spelling errors, no improper capital letters. This is a scary one.
Real (left) vs Fake (right) Apple ID notifications (source: Yahoo!)
How can you avoid it? The simplest way is to go into Settings, and sign in with your Apple ID at the top of the screen. If you see the familiar Apple pop-up on your phone, press the home button. If the pop-up disappears along with the app you were in, it’s a scam. Apple is much more persistent, they would never let you off the sign-in hook so easily! Tell your friends. Share this with everyone you know. Your Apple ID has so much valuable information inside. Stay vigilant!