Amazon Key: Package Security vs. Home Security

Oct 26, 2017

This is being sold as a way to keep your packages and your home more secure. Millions of people reported stolen packages just last year, and placing the packages inside the home would most certainly take that number down, but you’re also trusting a stranger in your empty house.

Now, Amazon is marketing this as a way to control who goes into your home as well, like an alternative to leaving a key under the mat. This feels like a huge draw, even more so than the package protection, but there are also services (like Ring and Nest Cam) that offer this at lower costs and without the creepy mailman peeking in.

Let anyone in at any time. (Source: Amazon)

What do you think? Is Amazon Key the next step in home security, or has the tech giant gone too far this time? Does the convenience of unlocking your door for friends and family balance the uncomfortable feeling of a complete stranger stepping in your house while you’re not there? If you’re brave enough to check it out, head to thepurchase page, type in your zip code, and schedule your installation.