Customer Service: What You Get vs. What You Deserve

Oct 9, 2018

A recent T-Mobile commercial features Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute from The Office!) calling tech support. When he finally reaches a real person, he’s immediately put on hold. Fast forward to T-Mobile’s admirable plan to reduce long hold times and constant transfers. We can only hope other large companies will follow since we all know the frustration of “press 1 for…, press 2 for….” However, we’re proud to say that, in the world of hosted desktop services, Network Alliance has been a leader in these practices since our inception in 1997.

We’re always here and always ready!

90 Seconds

When you outsource your IT, you’re paying to have your company’s tech woes (large or small) taken off your plate. You shouldn’t have to wait to tell someone your problems. Some providers leave you on hold for so long that you fix the problem yourself! At Network Alliance, our goal is to answer all calls within two minutes, and most are answered within 90 seconds. Any call that goes beyond the two-minute pick-up threshold counts against the support team’s monthly metrics.

No Phone Menus

When you dial Network Alliance, you hear a short recording about our services. If you’re calling during peak hours, you’ll likely hear a little canned music (don’t worry, it’s not too loud!) and then you’re connected to a support team member who’s ready to help. No need to navigate through an automated menu of options—one phone number gets you to a person, as quickly as possible.

First Call Resolution

Ever call a support tech who tells you your issue is being escalated, and you’ll get a call when they’ve found a solution? This leads to days of phone tag, and you’re losing productive work time. At Network Alliance, multiple senior technicians are available for immediate escalations during normal business hours. Your issues are resolved faster with no need for follow-up troubleshooting calls. A staggering 85% of all support calls are resolved within 15 minutes, and 99% are resolved within 60 minutes. No matter your issue, we solve it, and these numbers prove we do it quickly!

Our white-glove service takes every IT headache away. From desktop hosting to email services, VoIP hosting, or QuickBooks support, we handle it all. Our support team’s job is to provide five-star service 100% of the time, as quickly as possible. Tired of waiting on hold? Give us a call at (703) 715-4930 and let us change the way you see IT!