FAQ – Network Alliance

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We know the world of virtual desktops can be confusing, so here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we’re always updating. Check out the most popular questions below, and be sure to browse the “Categories” if you’re looking for a specific topic.

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Top Questions

  • What makes Network Alliance better than the rest?

    Our commitment to providing top-of the line technical support. Plenty of providers can build a stable IT environment, but only Network Alliance brings our award-winning support team along with it! (Don’t believe us? Check out the live customer feedback page here!)

  • How are hosted desktop fees calculated?

    Your bill is based on three simple things. The number of end users your organization has, the type of applications you’re using, and the amount of data storage required to host your data.

  • Can I use my desktop proprietary software in the cloud?

    In our 21+ years of business, we like to think we’ve seen just about everything. With Network Alliance, you can use your proprietary software with all the benefits of cloud computing without having to learn a new process to use your software.

  • Can I access my remote desktop from a Mac?

    We love our Macs, too! All you need is Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.

  • How long does it take to get used to a virtual desktop environment?

    It’s easy! Our Windows environment feels just like your Windows desktop. Once you’ve learned how to login (a short one-step process!), it behaves just like your Windows PC.

  • Will you nickel and dime us every time we need to make a change to the system?

    New user fees. Termination fees. Installation fees. Unlike other service providers, we won’t surprise you with extra charges. You can dependably predict your monthly IT bill.

  • Can you help me with our internet service provider and other vendors?

    Definitely! We’re happy to take over vendor relationships for you and troubleshoot any vendor or ISP issues you’re experiencing, so you can get back to work.

  • What hours are you available for support?

    We offer a variety of support options to provide immediate phone support during your normal business hours. We also have extended hour tiers for early morning or late-night workers.

  • Are my files backed up?

    Yes, your files are backed up constantly with redundant copies made to ensure nothing is ever lost. Delete a file accidentally? We can recover it immediately!

  • Do you offer dual-factor authentication?

    RSA security is our go-to dual-factor authentication method. Requiring a randomly generated key from your phone or keyfob with RSA won’t let potential cyber criminals into your files even if they have a stolen password.