Cloud Computing 101 – Network Alliance

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  • What if I want to use my tablet?

    Not a problem! Setup is a breeze, and the virtual desktop is the same across all devices.

  • Can I work offline?

    While it’s possible to work on some data offline, we encourage our clients to avoid this method, due to potential security concerns when you move your data from the secure server to your personal device. Besides, we always encourage our clients to enjoy some downtime. Leave your data secure and take a break while you’re offline!

  • Can I scan into the remote server?

    Yes, and we’ll even help you manage that pesky address book on the big office-wide scanner!

  • Am I able to print to a printer in my office?

    Of course! We support almost every brand and type of printer under the sun.

  • Can I access my remote desktop from a Mac?

    We love our Macs, too! All you need is Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.

  • When I work with Network Alliance, am I working in “the cloud”?

    Yes, when you’re accessing your data and applications in Network Alliance’s desktop environment, you’re in the cloud.

  • What is “the cloud”?

    In short, it’s an overused term that covers internet-based data and application access. If you have any data saved online, you use the cloud!

  • How long does it take to get used to a virtual desktop environment?

    It’s easy! Our Windows environment feels just like your Windows desktop. Once you’ve learned how to login (a short one-step process!), it behaves just like your Windows PC.

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