Security – Network Alliance

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  • Do you offer dual-factor authentication?

    RSA security is our go-to dual-factor authentication method. Requiring a randomly generated key from your phone or keyfob with RSA won’t let potential cyber criminals into your files even if they have a stolen password.

  • Can I work offline?

    While it’s possible to work on some data offline, we encourage our clients to avoid this method, due to potential security concerns when you move your data from the secure server to your personal device. Besides, we always encourage our clients to enjoy some downtime. Leave your data secure and take a break while you’re offline!

  • Can I access my remote desktop from a Mac?

    We love our Macs, too! All you need is Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.

  • How can I be sure my data is safe in the Network Alliance cloud?

    We’re proud owners of multiple certifications including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST SP 800-171, as well as having a third-party annual SOC audit. You don’t have to trust us on our word alone (although we stand behind our words); we have the security compliance certificates to prove it!

  • Are my files backed up?

    Yes, your files are backed up constantly with redundant copies made to ensure nothing is ever lost. Delete a file accidentally? We can recover it immediately!

  • Is my data safe if my laptop is stolen?

    One of the benefits of a virtual desktop environment is remote storage. Your data isn’t stored on your laptop. It’s in our world-class Tier 4 datacenter so it’s still 100% safe, even if your hardware is stolen.