Firefox Quantum is Fast. Really, Really Fast

Nov 14, 2017

Years ago, everybody in the know was using Firefox. That changed fairly quickly when Google released their faster and smoother Chrome browser around 2008. Today, Mozilla is looking to gain back all of those users they lost to Google with the release of their new browser, Firefox Quantum.

According to Mozilla’s own benchmark tests, the browser is twice as fast as the last Firefox release, and uses 30% less RAM than Chrome. This is great news, because Chrome is known for being a memory hog, which causes slowdowns, especially on older machines. Less memory usage means faster page loading. Also worth noting, the sync between Firefox Quantum on your desktop and your mobile device is flawless. Pick up right where you left off on any other device. All you have to do is create a Mozilla login when you download the browser.

Benchmark tests show significant memory savings with Firefox Quantum.

All of your favorite browser extensions from Chrome and previous Firefox releases work with Quantum. They’ve also thrown in some new features, such as built-in screenshot abilities, and Pocket, an app that allows you to save any webpage or article with the click of a button, and puts them in a clean and easily accessible app for you to access anywhere.

Save anything to Pocket with one click.

We’re always looking for ways to improve speeds online. Chrome is a great workhorse of a browser, but it is resource heavy, and can cause problems on slower machines. Firefox Quantum is a lightweight and speedy browser. All of your passwords, bookmarks, and preferences can be imported from your current browser in about three clicks. So, go ahead, give Mozilla another shot. A quick download and easy importing make this one a pretty easy decision. You don’t have a reason not to try it!