Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

Apr 30, 2018

It’s April 30, and we’re having an office party with cake. No, we’re not celebrating a retirement or engagement. We’re celebrating the World Wide Web’s (WWW) birthday! On this day, way back in 1993, CERN put website software in the public domain. Just take a look at the first website to see how far we’ve come in 25 years! Entire generations have grown up with websites and now, as adults, we don’t remember life without them. The world has become a more connected place over the last quarter century.

Without this complex web of interconnected servers, Network Alliance couldn’t offer our lightning-fast cloud IT solutions. You would still carry cash and drive to the store to buy goods. You wouldn’t be able to see your cousin’s cat three times a day on social media! Oh, the horror. But for all the good this online world brings, it can also be a dangerous place. There’s a non-stop barrage of bad guys out there who want your data. Before we step out to eat our celebration cake, we’ll offer a few pieces of advice to stay safe while browsing.

Use an Ad Blocker

Ads aren’t as bad as they used to be—remember the heyday of the early 2000’s? But, they’re still out there, and they still contain some nasty viruses. An ad blocker like Adblock Plus is free, will improve your general browsing experience, and keep you from accidentally clicking a malicious advertisement!

Create Strong Passwords

Spell words incorrectly on purpose. Use symbols. Try something in a foreign language with a few numbers tacked on the end. Please don’t use your dog’s name or something generic. After nearly 25 years of using passwords, we’re still guilty of thinking it’s ok to take the easy route!

Have One Credit Card for Making All Online Purchases…

…and check the statement every month. Chances are, your credit card information will be compromised at some point, so it’s best to use one card that you can easily track. Credit cards usually offer services that won’t leave you liable for fraudulent purchases, and they will alert you to suspicious account activity. Adding a credit card will require a bit of research and the choice is probably different for everyone, but CNET offers some excellent guidance on the subject.

Although the web makes our lives easier, for sure, there are still some scary locations (just like in the real world). The simple steps above and a bit of common sense can help keep you safe. Now it’s time for that birthday cake! We’ll see you in the Cloud. Stay vigilant!