The Windows 10 October Update is Safe Now

Oct 30, 2018

After a big hiccup with deleted documents that had to be fixed in a hurry, the Microsoft’s Windows 10 update is ready to install. We’ve tested it and there are plenty of new small features in the big update. Here are some we think you’ll like.

Android + Windows 10 = Love? (Source: Microsoft)

Dark Mode

Windows 10 finally gets the “dark mode” treatment that helps decrease eye strain for night owls, but you’ll have to enable it yourself. In the “Settings” menu, go to “Choose your default app mode,” switch to dark, and you’re all set. You can easily reverse back to “light” if you’re not in love with the darker tones.

Copy to the Cloud

On multiple machines throughout the day? Press the Windows Key + V on your machine, and you’ll get an option to “Turn On” the cloud clipboard. After that, anything you copy is available on other Windows 10 machines you log in to. You can even pin important things that you need more than once to the cloud clipboard. No more emailing yourself important info!

Android Love

Do you own an Android phone? Always been jealous of Mac/iPhone users answering texts and AirDropping with ease? You’ll want to check out the new “Your Phone” application in the October update. Microsoft texts a download link, and then you install the app on your phone and simply sign in to your Microsoft account. Now you can view photos and read/reply to text messages straight from your Windows machine.

Gamers will be delighted that updates no longer run during their full-screen adventures. Other small adjustments include blue light filters, printing features that stop you from wasting ink on ads, and new multi-window arrow shortcuts. If your machine hasn’t automatically updated, head to the Start menu and check for new updates. The update is roughly 12 GB, so to do it when you have some down time! Like any Windows update, all of the new features might not benefit you, but some of these will likely make your everyday life a bit easier—always a pleasant experience.