Migration – Network Alliance

Network Alliance is now part of Ntiva, Inc. Please click here to get more information.

When we welcome a new client to Network Alliance, our experienced onboarding team works closely with clients to manage a smooth transition.

In our 21+ years of service, we’ve developed a direct and streamlined approach to migrating client data to our services, ensuring the smoothest possible setup, with no unexpected delays or costs.

Depending on the situation, if the client comes to us in distress, we adapt our process to address critical issues immediately. Once all issues have been resolved, we backtrack and perfect their new system. We understand tight deadlines and have designed the migration process to be proactive, nimble, and responsive, while ensuring that the new system mimics the design of the existing system to minimize the learning curve.

If you’re just browsing for new IT services or if you’re unexpectedly left with no IT assistance, Network Alliance will work with you on your schedule to ensure the best possible service at the right time and on your budget.