Multi-Factor Authentication: The Only Option for Real Security

Oct 18, 2018

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google has more than 85,000 employees. To say they’re a target of a lot of cyber-attacks is an understatement. But, here’s the thing: They’ve had  ZERO successful account takeovers in the last year. How? It seems like every company with more than two employees has fallen victim to a phishing scam at one point or another. Google’s system is fool-proof. Instead of requiring passwords or any other kind of authentication that humans can mess up, write down, or share with someone, all Google employees log in using physical security keys.

Six random, always-changing numbers. Total security really is just that simple. (Source: RSA)

Two-factor text authentication has become a popular form of security these days. Even Facebook sends you a text with a code after successfully entering your password. But, hackers have been bragging online for years about how easy it is to call up cell providers and play dumb to steal someone’s phone number. Simply put, if a hacker really wants your data, text authentication isn’t enough.

Physical keys are a win/win/win. You don’t have to remember a password, or prove you are who you say you are three different ways before logging in. Your IT guy will rest easy because you won’t call asking for a password reset. Company execs can relax because no one is getting into the company’s file system without that physical key. Of course, everything has a downside, and with these keys, it’s the human ability to lose or misplace things. If you lose your key, you can’t log in, and your company has to pay for a new one—costs could add up over time.

At Network Alliance, we know that physical keys are the best way to operate securely. That’s why we’ve offered RSA SecurID hardware tokens for years. These little guys go on your keychain and are required every time you login. While you still have to remember a password, these little fobs offer uncompromising security. Passwords are too easy to bypass, and text message authentication simply isn’t secure enough. Real, hardware-based dual-authentication is the only way to go if you want your data protected.

Are you using a simple password to access all of your files? Is your payroll department hidden from the dark web by only one word with three numbers at the end? Not enough. Call Network Alliance today, and we’ll secure all of your data with RSA SecurID dual-authentication protection.