National Clean Out Your Computer (eCAP) Day

Feb 12, 2018

Today (Monday, February 12) is a national holiday. Not as exciting as National Pancake Day (FYI, it’s March 4, 2018), but it serves a purpose. It’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day! Your computer is a lot like your car or, for that matter, your body. Routine maintenance keeps it running at its peak. Set aside a few minutes right now to do a little digital cleanup on your eCAP desktop and then move on to your local computer. Here are a few tips from our tech folks to keep your eCAP session running smoothly:

Cut the Clutter

Can you even see the color of your eCAP desktop background? All those files on your desktop slow down your load times. We recommend moving them into your My Documents folder. Heck, you can even create a desktop shortcut to your documents folder after you’ve put them there! One shortcut is better than 100 PDFs!

Clear Your Cache

Clear your browser’s cache. It’s as simple as going to “Privacy & Security” in Firefox or “Settings” in Chrome. And don’t forget your downloads folder—all those downloads dating back years take up space!

Create Mailbox Rules

Five thousand unread messages? We know you’ll never get your inbox to zero, but you can improve your efficiency by setting up a few Outlook rules. In Outlook, go to File, Rules and Alerts. Set rules for messages like newsletters that aren’t MUST READ NOW and create a folder so that messages automatically go there. Let your inbox be the place for emails that require action and let others go to a location to check later.


Does that Macy’s sale email from 2013 really need to be in your inbox? We suggest that you use the auto-archive feature. Head to the Folder tab in Outlook and select “Auto-Archive Settings.” You can set your mailbox to archive emails automatically and/or specify a time range (e.g. more than six months old) and storage location. You can still access the emails, but they’re stored locally instead of on our mail server. Archiving helps speed your Outlook load times in eCAP!

On Your Way to a Faster eCAP

If you take 15 minutes to clean up your desktop, set up a few email rules, and create an auto-archive, we guarantee your eCAP session will run faster. No matter the machine, the less it has to load, the better! Even the world-class servers at our Tier 4 datacenter have their limits, and we clean them up regularly. Since it’s Monday, start the week off with a productivity hack! If you have any questions or would like assistance with your cleanup, give us a call! We’re always available and happy to help.


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