New Year, New IT Solutions

Jan 8, 2019

The holiday decorations are put away, the junk food tossed, gym workouts are part of your routine, and your business is back to its usual schedule. The new year is off and running. Admit it, the holidays almost made you forget about the printer that only works when it feels like it or the receptionist still can’t see your calendar, even though you’ve shared it multiple times. Yep, it’s back to business as usual.

Make 2019 the year your IT changes. Self-help gurus say that change is best made in increments, and scheduling a free consultation with Network Alliance is a great first step. We’ll come to you at your convenience, give your entire IT infrastructure a thorough diagnostic check, and provide a complete and honest proposal. We’ll suggest the equipment you need—and nothing you don’t. Our cloud-based DaaS, SaaS, and VoIP offerings will let you collaborate on documents with your entire team across the globe, stop worrying about losing your files, and enjoy an easy-to-use, fully scalable phone system that lets you to take your office number anywhere.

Can your IT guy keep up with the tech workload, or even worse, does he avoid issues that you’ve asked about several times? Why not have an entire team of US-based award-winning IT employees at your disposal for one low fee? More than 80% of our support calls are resolved in less than 15 minutes so your employees won’t waste hours when they have IT issues. If there’s an issue with a vendor or service provider, we handle it for you from beginning to end. Your issues are our issues, and we won’t leave you stranded.

Do your IT bills vary from month to month? With Network Alliance, you’ll get one consistent, predictable monthly bill—budgeting for IT becomes much simpler.

Just like most worthwhile changes, taking the first step with us leads to a big payoff. Stop waiting on your overworked IT guy, don’t waste any more time on hold with your internet provider, and make your monthly IT cost predictable. Let our team maximize your IT potential and provide you the best cloud-hosting service available. Contact Network Alliance today!