No More Variable IT Costs

Nov 8, 2018

Even slight adjustments to your monthly expenses can cause serious stress in your small business. No one wants to spend extra money on surprise IT repairs or maintenance. You can have your IT guy’s salary on the books, but what about the overtime he collects repairing your downed network after a thunderstorm? What about the cost of replacing the receptionist’s desktop or updating to the newest edition of Microsoft Word for the entire staff? How can you avoid these surprises? Easy. Replace your current IT infrastructure with Network Alliance services.

With Network Alliance, one steady monthly rate takes care of all your basic IT needs. We handle everything, big and small, for one price. From pesky system updates to major infrastructure rebuilds, we’ve done it and have customer reviews to prove it. When it comes to IT, we aim to make your lives easier. Why waste an employee’s time sitting on hold with your Internet Service Provider when we can do it for you? Our white-glove service means you won’t ever have to call an IT-related customer support line again. We handle your tech vendors and keep you in the loop.

Where is your company’s server? Do you even know? Is your IT guy the only one with a key to the old janitor’s closet that houses a rat’s nest of cables and devices with blinking lights? Let us take over, and we’ll put your data in one of the most secure datacenters in the world. Our Tier 4 datacenter has days of fully redundant backup power, natural disaster protection, and armed guards patrolling 24/7/365. Your data is safe and available with us.

So, what’s holding you back? Don’t stress about moving your data. We handle it. We visit you onsite to determine exactly what your business needs, along with full breakdowns for the implementation process, and give you a personalized quote for your monthly cost. Your workdays won’t be interrupted, and we’ll have you up and running sooner than you can believe. Lose the stress headaches, the over-worked IT guy, and the variable costs of maintaining your own IT equipment. Pay a single monthly bill and let us take the technology weight off your shoulders. We’re Network Alliance, and we’re here to change the way you see IT!