Our High Client Retention Rate: How Do We Do It?

Oct 25, 2018

Client retention is one of the strongest signs that a company is working hard for their customers. After all, you aren’t going to pay for unsatisfactory work, are you? High client retention numbers translate to happy repeat customers and are a great reassurance that you’ll be pleased with the service and support provided.

Need to Know

Most companies have secret client retention rate goals to ensure a healthy bottom line, but it’s rarely shown publicly. But, head over to NetworkAlliance.com, and you’ll see our real-time client retention rate. Most companies consider a 60% client retention rate acceptable, but not us. Over our 21 years, we’ve proudly maintained a 98% client retention rate!

Real numbers in real time. (Source: Networkalliance.com)

Good For Everyone

While we know high client retention rates are a sign of a strong company, high numbers can also allow a company like Network Alliance to stay on the bleeding edge of technology. We built a special partnership with Microsoft so we can offer software like Office 365 bundled with our desktop hosting services at competitive rates. Our clients know that by the time any service is implemented in their cloud, it’s been fully tested and vetted by our engineering team. Major system updates have been tested for some time by our entire support staff, so we can spot and correct any issues before rolling out to clients. This kind of service keeps our clients sticking with us!

Strong Bottom Line

To retain clients, a company must provide the best service, and to provide the best service, a tech company must have steady profits. Providing the best service means having the fastest, most up-to-date hardware and software available. Network Alliance’s clients trust us to provide the best possible service, and, thanks to our off-the-charts retention rates, we’re able to provide what they deserve. Nothing but the best for our clients!

The Secret

The real secret to our success—and 97% client retention rate—is our staff. From our front-line support to our behind-the-scenes engineering team, we’re here to take care of our clients—no matter what it takes. There are thousands of cloud-computing services, but there aren’t any like Network Alliance. We put client relations first and take pride in our 24/7/365 fast and friendly support. See what we can offer today!