Scrap Password Complexity with RSA

Jan 3, 2019

One capital letter, eight characters, no spaces and, oh, at least one symbol?!!*! How can you remember a password that meets the requirements for today’s average password guidelines? By the time you’ve done it, you’re left with a jumbled mess of letters and numbers that look like your toddler smashed the keyboard. Isn’t there a better way? Shouldn’t there be a secure way to login without typing gibberish? There is—multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA just means you need a second verification of some sort to access an account. In most cases, like social media accounts, you get a text message with six to eight random numbers. If someone gets your password, they can’t log in without more info! With MFA, passwords can be almost anything because no one is getting near your account without the second form of authentication.

SMS (text messaging) authentication is the most popular form of MFA right now, but it has flaws. This video shows how simple it is to hack an account with SMS MFA. The system that handles all of our text messages and calls hasn’t changed much since it was built in 1975. A hacker with your password and phone number can theoretically bypass MFA and get to your account. Right now, the only truly secure method is RSA multi-factor authentication.

Small device, big-time security upgrade. (Source: RSA)


RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens are keyring fobs with a six-digit code that lasts 60 seconds and then disappears forever. A thief has to be quick to get your username, password, and car keys! Software tokens, available as a phone app offer the same six-digit code so a thief would need to steal your phone and know codes to unlock it and your RSA pin to show the six-digit code! It’s not impossible, but it’s as safe as we can be today.

If you work with sensitive information, look into RSA security. If your data is hosted on a cloud server, ask your provider about the option. If they stumble or say they can’t work with it, give Network Alliance a call. We’ll give you a complete rundown of why you need RSA and how it affects your bottom line. Don’t trust your data to a complex password. Keep it locked up tight in the most secure vault possible with RSA and Network Alliance!