Systems Admin Day!

Jul 27, 2018

Today, Friday, July 27th is System Administrator Appreciation Day. We don’t mean to be bias, but this is probably the most important holiday of the year. SysAdmins handle all of your computer, network, and technical problems. Without SysAdmins, printers would never work, computers would never stop displaying error messages, and that conference room projector would still be in its box, waiting to be setup!

We at Network Alliance wanted to take a minute to say thank you for allowing us to be your SysAdmins! We love working with our clients, and helping through any and all tech problems that come up in and out of the office. If you know of any friends or family members who are having trouble with their current SysAdmins, send them our way! We’re always looking for new clients to build relationships with, and we even offer referral bonuses to any existing client who assists us with a new connection.

Happy SysAdmin Day! Enjoy the weekend, and here’s to another year of getting through those pesky issues together!