Ten Years of the iPhone

Sep 22, 2017

June 29, 2007, changed our world. On this day, the Apple iPhone became available worldwide. Steve Jobs had promised that Apple would reinvent the mobile phone. Many believed the iPhone would be a failure, and, honestly, who could blame them? The phone had no keyboard, a bold move considering those hideous Blackberry devices that every man in a suit owned. It was also incredibly expensive compared to other devices. But Jobs saw the potential, and he made Apple one of the most well-known and profitable companies of all time with the launch of the iPhone.

The fact that the device, even after a decade, still looks basically the same says quite a bit about the genius behind the product. Each new model has simply improved upon the previous version. Bigger and sharper screens, better cameras, faster processors, fingerprint scanning. The device has remained generally the same over all of these years. There are rumors of the iPhone 8, coming this fall, without a Home button. If true, this would be the biggest design change ever for the device.

Jobs set a company goal to sell 10 million iPhones and met that goal in just over a year. Last year, Apple hit the 1 billion mark in iPhone sales, and there’s no end in sight. The iPhone has become an essential part of everyday life for millions. When it was first unveiled by Jobs, he described it as “an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator.” Of course, if you pulled out a brand new first-generation iPhone today, it would be laughably slow compared to today’s models, but at the time it was nothing short of revolutionary.

There are hundreds of humorous and interesting stories about Steve Jobs and the creation of the iPhone. It’s hard to imagine just how many versions of the device we know today were prototyped during testing. His engineering team spent 30 months developing a device that Jobs repeatedly said was five years ahead of anything the world had ever seen. One notorious story involves a prototype iPhone a with a back button beside the well-known Home button. Jobs reportedly kicked many people off the project for arguing against this feature but was finally convinced to remove it by a longtime Apple designer.

Where will the iPhone be in 2027? Will it be a funny joke we tell with nostalgia? Will it still be a part of our everyday lives? With iPhone8 recently released, it’s safe to say that the iPhone isn’t going anywhere just yet. Ten years from an intriguing concept to a worldwide phenomenon. We can’t wait to see what happens next.