Datacenter – Part 7: Physical Security

Jun 1, 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve described the differences among datacenter ratings and why, if you truly value your data, you’ll want it to be at Network Alliance’s Tier 4 datacenter. The final part of our in-depth look is a big one: Physical security. What good is all that redundancy (full fault tolerance!) if you don’t have physical protection? You can have two of everything—network cables, server, and power supplies—but it doesn’t matter if Joe (or Jane) Smith can walk in off the street and get to your data!

If you’re lucky, the office closet down the hall, technically a Tier 1 datacenter, where you have your in-house server has a door with a lock. Your IT guy has a key, and maybe there’s a second key in your CFO’s desk drawer. But if someone really wanted to get in, they could. An angry employee could destroy all of the company’s irreplaceable data in a heartbeat. In a Tier 4 datacenter? No way. Not a chance.

Network Alliance’s Tier 4 datacenter has multiple armed guards working 24/7/365. Once you step in the front door, you’re on camera. From there, you hand your ID over to the security guard. He runs your information and sets you up with a biometric scanner (e.g., fingerprint/hand, face, iris). Keep in mind, there’s a camera covering every inch of the lobby floor space. Once the guard checks you in, you pass through another door. You’re then stuck in a “mantrap,” where the door behind you shuts before the door in front of you opens. You’re also on camera here, too, just in case you want to try something sneaky. Guns, cameras, biometric scans, mantraps. It sounds like a Mission: Impossible scene, but if they filmed in a Tier 4 datacenter, Tom Cruise would go home empty handed.

Our Tier 4 datacenter isn’t an inviting place. It’s cold (heat is the enemy of electronics), it’s dark (no windows), and the check-in process takes forever, even for Network Alliance team members. It’s a plain building with no outside light and no signage on the outside doors. Once you’re inside, there’s no photography, food, or drink allowed. Your servers are in locked cages so outsiders who make it even as far as the racks can’t get to them. Not exactly a place you want to hang out. These rules are all in the name of security. Your data is never in the wrong hands in our datacenter.

Why waste time in meetings about how your in-house server is easy to get to, needs repairs and has unexplained connectivity issues? With Network Alliance, your data lives on always updated, bleeding-edge servers. We handle the maintenance, updates, and power bills. No need to worry about a fluctuating IT budget, either. One monthly price gets you all the fully-redundant server space you need, along with our award-winning IT technicians and 24/7 support. Our datacenter can’t be beat.