The Network Alliance 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 20, 2018

Nothing like waiting till the very last minute for all those holiday gifts! The good news is, if you order today, you can still have your gifts delivered to your door by Christmas Eve. We thought we should celebrate this last day of hope for our procrastinating friends by suggesting a few easy tech gifts that will please anyone on your list. Check out what we’ve got on our list this year!

From our VoIP department: Wyze Cam ($20)

For just $20, you get a home monitoring camera that shoots in 1080p and can be viewed at any time from a phone app. This little guy also works seamlessly with Alexa, and includes 14 days of video cloud storage at no extra charge. Keep the kids out of trouble, the dog out of the trash, and the husband out of the fridge for $20.

From our Sales department: Omars Portable Battery Pack ($119)

Even with all-day battery life, people work their phones so hard, they manage to kill them by lunch. If you’re going to spend the money on a battery pack, go all out with this premium model from Omars. This little guy can charge your phone ten times before needing juice, and can also handle your laptop, camera batteries, and more. Just about any piece of technology can be charged on the go with this battery pack. If you don’t mind splurging a bit, this is the way to go!

From our Content department: AmazonBasics Braided Lightning Cable ($16)

It may seem basic, but a 10-foot braided iPhone charging cable is one of the simplest purchases you can make to improve someone’s daily life. The extra feet this cable provides allows for more distance, and the braided cable ensures that this thing won’t fail like the cable that came with your iPhone. A great stocking stuffer!

From our Support department: Echo Dot ($30)

One of those gadgets you don’t know you can’t live without, once Alexa makes her way into your home on any of Amazon’s devices, she’ll never leave. Streaming music, controlling your smart home devices, even turning on the lights, the list of things you can control with your voice is growing every day. Maybe the perfect gift for someone you just don’t know what to buy for.

We hope we’ve helped ease the worry of the holiday shopping season. Throw some of these in your cart, check out, and enjoy the holiday weekend. It looks like you’ve got some wrapping to do!