The Network Alliance Support Team Difference

Oct 12, 2017
Yes, IT departments get a bad rap. We’re sometimes viewed as dorky guys who live in the basement, rarely see the light of day, drink Mountain Dew, and avoid social interaction whenever possible. Of course, this isn’t true, at least not at Network Alliance. We’re normal people who will fix your IT issues and talk to you in language you’ll understand while we’re doing it.
If you need help with your computer, you shouldn’t have to deal with someone who makes you feel stupid. You’re frustrated because you can’t get your work done, and the IT guy throwing shade because you don’t know how to run that special fix that took him hours to find doesn’t help your mood. We all have our areas of expertise, but common courtesy is always important.
We’re creative about workarounds. Let’s be clear, some things simply can’t be fixed. If you take a hammer to a hard drive, you can’t bring us the broken pieces and expect us to fix it. On the other hand, being told to buy a new machine or relocate for better services shouldn’t be go-to responses every time a piece of equipment acts up. Ok, the Windows 98 machine that you bought during the Clinton administration really should be put out to pasture. Trust us, you’ll thank us.
We don’t second guess and ask “Why do you need that?” In most cases, it isn’t up to the IT department on why or how hardware money is spent. If the budget isn’t controlled by the guy fixing the machine and the situation isn’t dire, chances are he should keep opinions to himself and simply do the job requested.
That’s the best part of having Network Alliance as your IT provider. Whatever you want done, we’ll do it. No matter how simple the fix, we’ll never talk down to you. In fact, we’ll take care of it and then show you how we did it, so you can fix it yourself next time! You set your own IT budget, that’s not our job. If you want new software, our team will test it and have it ready to go when you arrive at the office the next morning. New desktop? We’ll set it up and make sure it arrives with all the software you need. Less down time for you and your employees means more time focusing on your real duties. If you’ve ever been the victim of a less-than-helpful IT guy, give Network Alliance a call. We’ll set you up with a knowledgeable team always happy to help!