What is an MSP?

Feb 14, 2019

Technology has LOTS of acronyms to learn. “MSP” is the one we’ll discuss today. MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. MSPs typically offer technology solutions ranging from Desktop as a Service (Daas) to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, and everything in between. No matter what technologies you use, you can bet that there’s a service provider out there happy to manage it.

The Benefits

MSPs generally cost you less than what you spend on in-house equipment and staff. With an MSP, you’ll get specialized support from a dedicated team. At Network Alliance, we have sub-divisions for different offerings. Problem with your VoIP telephones? The VoIP team will help. General question about Word? Tier 1 tech reps are always ready to assist. And Service Assurance Representatives act as an intermediary between clients and support teams to make sure your experience is always top-notch.

MSPs also use their expertise to recommend equipment upgrades when you need them. They’ll help you get the right equipment for the best price—a good MSP’s number one goal is to save you money!

Cloud-based services open up telework possibilities for your business. You can expand your talent pool world-wide and make your current employees happy with the option to work from home!

The Challenges

With a cloud-based MSP, such as Network Alliance, you can access all of your files and applications from anywhere in the world. But that’s a hard concept to grasp when you’re busy trying to run your business and keep up with your own work. Is it REALLY safe in the cloud? Yes, it is. Can the bad guys get to my data? Not if you choose an MSP with a commitment to keeping your data secure.

Some potential clients are used to having in-person assistance with their daily IT struggles. Network Alliance has found great success working 100% remotely for clients across the country, while also providing in-person support when absolutely necessary. We also have larger clients who keep an IT team onsite and act as a middle man for any advanced troubleshooting.

No matter your company’s size or location, there’s a good chance that you can benefit from a cloud-based MSP. Why not start with the best? With 22+ years of experience, Network Alliance will work with you personally to help you move confidently into cloud computing!