Your Data is Safer With Network Alliance, Part 1: The Data Center

Dec 4, 2018

There are plenty of data hosting and “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS) providers out there. If you want Office 365 services or QuickBooks hosting, you’ve got tons of options. So, how can you decide who to work with? Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you why Network Alliance is the best fit for all of your IT needs. Today, we’ll begin with our Tier 4 datacenter.

What does your datacenter look like? (Source: TechRepublic)

Physical Security

You’re trusting a cloud hosting service with your most valuable resource—your company’s data. You expect them to keep it safe and make sure it’s available to you any time you want it. The first level of safety is to make sure there’s no physical tampering. Our Tier 4 datacenter (the highest available) has fingerprint scanners, locked cages, and armed guards 24/7 to keep the bad guys out. Ask your current provider for more details about their datacenter (or, heck, ask for a tour). If they really value your information, they’ll talk about their Tier 4 location!


Does your provider back up your data regularly? Is it stored offsite in case of a catastrophic event? Network Alliance provides any data backup schedule you need, and we keep it safe in multiple physical locations. Some companies claim to take regular backups, but what good is that when the power goes out at a single datacenter? Multiple data storage locations are crucial to ensuring 100% access to backups, but it’s also expensive for the provider so a lot of companies don’t do it! We don’t take shortcuts with your data.


Where is the server that holds your data actually stored? Is it sitting in a closet plugged into a wall outlet? Is the server room properly vented and secured? Our datacenter has fully redundant power and automatic rollovers. No power outage, hardware glitch, or natural disaster keeps you from your data. As long as your device has an internet connection, we get your data to you!

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. But, what if you don’t know what your money actually gets you? If you’re currently under contract with a DaaS provider and unhappy with the service you’re receiving or the prices you’re paying, fill out the contact form here and let Network Alliance “Change the way you see IT!”