Your Data is Safer With Network Alliance, Part 2: Multi-Factor Authentication

Dec 11, 2018

Do you have Post-it notes hanging from your monitor and notebook pages full of account usernames and passwords…how is this secure? An office visitor with a good memory could steal your data—no hacking tools required. It’s 2018; this is unacceptable! Human error is the root cause of most technology issues. How can you help yourself? Simple. Multi-factor authentication.

At Network Alliance, we offer RSA multi-factor authentication. A stolen password won’t allow a hacker to get your data. RSA authentication requires a key fob or phone app that provides a six-digit code that changes every 60 seconds. Fingerprints can be lifted and passwords copied, but these six-digit codes? The hacker must have your username, password, and physical access to your RSA token to get into your account.

Some of our long-time clients have begun using RSA, and their reactions are positive. The peace of mind that comes from multi-factor authentication is worth every penny. The costs are relatively low, and the biggest issue is a few customers have lost their tokens. So, we recommend using the RSA phone app. It’s harder to lose your phone than a small key fob!

If you’re currently with another IT provider, ask about multi-factor authentication. How much does it cost? Why isn’t it already in place? Then, contact us and we’ll add RSA to your all-inclusive low monthly payment. Your data deserves to be protected by more than a Post-it note, and you deserve to pay a fair price for complete security! Let Network Alliance “Change the way you see IT!”