Your Data is Safer With Network Alliance, Part 3: The Support Team

Dec 18, 2018

You can find plenty of decent cloud computing host companies out there that offer Tier 4 datacenters and multi-factor authentication. We’re not the only player on the field, but we’re the best in the league, thanks to our award-winning customer support team! No matter when you call, you’re greeted by our friendly support staff, ready to get you back to your work quickly. We enjoy helping our clients and getting to know them personally. It feels good to help friends!

Ever get stuck on long holds, listening to the same 30-second loop of soft jazz for 15 minutes? That doesn’t happen at Network Alliance. Our goal is to answer every call within 90 seconds and solve your issues during the first call. We resolve 85% of all support calls within 15 minutes, and 99% are closed within one hour. These stats speak for themselves. Your IT issues won’t trigger 10 back-and-forth phone calls, ruining your work day. We diagnose and handle your challenge quickly and correctly.

No navigating through 10 different menus to get a support technician. No other calls come to our dedicated support line, so when our phone bank rings, we know someone needs help. Pick up the phone, dial 703-715-4960, and you’re on the way to having your issue resolved.

If you’ve had enough waiting on hold, sifting through phone menus, and calling multiple times, there’s a better option! Contact Network Alliance for a free consultation and start your 14-day trial. Let us “Change the way you see IT!”