You’re Too Important for Multi-Factor Authentication

Nov 27, 2018

Meetings, calls, contracts, emails…your day is chaotic from the first moment you check your phone in the morning until that last bedtime email scan under the sheets! You’re Captain Efficiency. Every second of your day is planned. When you’re this busy, you can’t possibly waste 10 seconds on multi-factor authentication, right? Quit dreaming.

A few extra seconds for a lot of extra security. (Source:

Yes, your time is important. That’s why you need multi-factor authentication. Without it, one easy-to-guess password, one Post-It note, or one saved website login can destroy your company. Multi-factor authentication typically adds 10 seconds to the average login process. Hypothetically, let’s say you use multi-factor authentication 25 times at the office and 10 times after hours. That’s roughly six of the 1,440 minutes in a day—absolutely nothing compared to the time it takes to restore your company’s reputation after a hack.

Multi-factor authentication is currently the strongest possible defense against hackers. Some accounts use security questions, but the answers are easy to hack. Others use text verification to send a code to your cell phone. Network Alliance, and many other companies handling sensitive information, use RSA tokens. The tokens feature a revolving six-digit code that expires after 60 seconds. No code, no access. If you and your employees use multi-factor authentication, normal human-error pitfalls don’t apply. Of course, multi-factor authentication is for more than just your eCAP login. Just about every online service you use has the option to configure some form of added authentication. If it’s offered, make sure you’re using it!

You don’t have to jump in cold turkey. Try adding multi-factor authentication to your Facebook profile. You’ll see it’s quick and easy. In 2018, nothing’s more valuable than your personal information. Protect your data like you protect your wallet. Those few extra seconds bring peace of mind. Of course, nothing gives you total protection. If you hand someone your phone and let them log in to your account, they can get your info. But, multi-factor authentication is the best widely available option to protect your accounts right now.

If you’re a Network Alliance client, reach out to our Service Assurance team for a demo of our RSA offerings. With RSA’s cell-phone token option, you don’t need new hardware for complete and total security. Even if you’re not a Network Alliance client, start enabling multi-factor authentication on all of your accounts. You can’t be too safe!